Rough, Raw blue amber, 蓝琥珀

Natural amber, directly from the Dominican mines.

Why is Dominican blue amber very rare and difficult to extract?

Dominican blue amber – is mined through a foxhole dug with all the tools are available.  Machetes at the beginning, some short-handled picks, and hammers can participate over time.

The pit itself goes as deep as possible or safe, sometimes vertical, sometimes horizontal.

There are little to no safety measures. Candles are the only source of light.  

The holes are located on top of the mountain and deep within the mountains, and this allows the temperature is cool. Obviously after many hours of work the air becomes unhealthy.

Humidity inside the mines is at 100%.

During rain the mines are forced to close because the walls may crumble.





The wealth of blue amber is in the emotions they arouse. Dominican blue amber sure will capture your heart and it will stay there forever.

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Rough and Polished Blue, Green, Red, Yellow Amber

Honey Drop

This piece of original red Dominican amber, presents a small crack that emphasizes its natural beauty and genuineness


50 x 23 x 14 mm

10.2 g.


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