Dominican Blue Amber and Larimar

We manufacture our jewelry with authentic amber stones of the Dominican Republic.  

Enjoy these wonderful Caribbean Gemstones


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In addition, we assemble your stones with real leather.

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Natural Amber Beads

Our jewels are also made using blue or green amber beads.

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Hair Sticks


We make precious amber carvings in yellow, green and blue amber

Amber sculpture, carvings, carved, blue amber

Larimar Jewelry

We use Larimar of the best quality.

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Larimar is a blue colored gemstone and comes from only one place in the world.


It is found only in the Dominican Republic. Its beautiful blue color reminds us of the beautiful Caribbean Sea. .

What is amber and how is formed

 blue amber jewellery

Is amber a mineral?

Amber is not a mineral, but fossilized resin from ancient trees. Resin is a chemical complex that a plant produces in its outer cells. 

Is amber a precious stone?

Yes, the amber is one of the few organic products that are considered gemstones like pearls and coral.


Blue Amber

  How amber is formed? 

 How long does the resin to fossilize and become amber?


As the resin fossilizes, it becomes part of the ground and turns into amber over millions of years. Scientists believe that most of the amber that is found is from the Cretaceous or Tertiary periods, making it between 30 and 90 million years old. 


Amber is extremely important to modern science because it provides the only truly worthy window into a past when exotic insects and other strange creatures roamed an ancient world, most of which have been extinct now for millions of years. 


About blue amber color

dominican amber
blue amber


Why dominican blue amber is blue?


Here in the Dominican Republic, amber (Ambar) is usually yellow, reddish or green, and some rare specimens are blue.  

Blue Amber is a unique and natural phenomenon.

Although several studies and theories have been carried out, science does not fully understand why the Dominican blue amber shows this characteristic.    The blue color is confined exclusively to the surface because does not result from pigmentation in which case color would be reflected in any light, regardless of the color of the background being used Instead, blue is due to a fluorescence phenomenon which refracts blue light.   

This phenomenon is best prized in natural light or direct sunlight, or white LED light, preferably on a dark background. Thus, the light passing directly through amber produces the peculiarity blue glow which characterizes Dominican Blue Amber.

蓝珀原石和圆珠 - Blue Amber
blue amber jewellery


Fossilized amber, millions of years in the making, makes a fine memento of a Dominican stay.

Blue amber, found near Santo Domingo, is prized for its lovely color.


Blue Amber Bead Ring.   蓝珀原石和圆珠


We work tirelessly to capture the intense color of Dominican amber, highlighting the natural hues of the sea, sky, and tropical plants.


Blue amber is prized for its lovely color intense blue and natural hues of the sea and sky.

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