How to take care of your amber items

Receiving gifts and jewelry made with natural amber is a pleasure.

 But in order for products made from amber to last longer and show their fascinating natural beauty, we must not only wear and admire them but also store and care for them properly.

 It is necessary that the care of amber products become a pleasant and constant habit.


Here are some practical tips on how to manage amber:



1) When taking care of your treasures becomes a real passion then you are already in tune with your precious amber jewels.

 If you are in the habit of removing dust, grease, sweat, and other contaminants from your jewelry after each wear, your jewelry will not have a problem with its appearance for a long time.

 With regular cleaning, you can thoroughly clean your amber with a soft cloth, without using hard wool brushes.



 2) Amber can easily deform under mechanical influences, so its handling must be done with care so that it does not hit hard surfaces such as a table or worse still falls to the ground.


3) Do not wear amber jewelry before applying hairspray and perfume as it will likely create a dull or whitish layer on the amber that could be permanent.


4) Do not touch amber jewelry with dirty or food-stained hands.



See amber as a noble princess and treat her accordingly.


5) Keep amber jewelry as far as possible from extremely high or low temperatures.

 Do not leave them near the window during cold weather and do not place them next to radiators or air conditioners, as they could cause thermal shock fractures.


6) Amber is a soft and brittle fossil resin, so it is best to keep each piece of amber separate from the rest.

 For example, do not store it together with other objects made of precious metals or hard stones, which could damage and scratch the surface of amber due to rubbing.


7) If you finally notice that it is time for a deeper cleaning, do not despair, you can use water and very little neutral detergent.

 Be careful not to use alcohol or ammonia and even other harsh detergents, otherwise, you could surely ruin the amber irreparably.


8) This last piece of advice that I am going to give you is perhaps the one that you will like the most.


Those who work in the field of jewelry know different techniques to give amber shine and light.

In fact, there are machinery, products, and specific techniques for professionals.

However, if you love amber and are not an expert, there is something very effective you can do to give your amber a shine.

You can use the common car wax found in all supermarkets that carry car accessories.

 Put very little car wax on a soft cotton cloth, such as cotton used to make T-shirts or flannels.

 Make sure it is spread evenly on the cloth. Remember that you should put very little wax on it.


If the wax has made the cloth excessively wet, wait a few minutes and then rub the amber with the same cloth. If possible, do it in all directions. Keep rubbing the surface of the amber even when you feel the cloth is dry.

Finally, if you notice that some wax residue has accumulated between the amber and the metal parts of your jewelry, you can easily remove this residue by putting a little water and neutral soap on a very soft toothbrush and passing it over the object. . While you're doing this, run tap water over it, as this helps remove excess wax.

Then let it dry without rubbing it on a paper towel.  

This method is also very useful for cleaning gold and silver, but I advise you not to use the same cloth to clean the metallic parts and the amber because the metallic oxide would deposit on the surface of the amber, making it dirty.


I hope these tips have been useful to you.

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