About Us

We are a firm that works exclusively with amber and larimar to make fascinating and original jewels.

       We are located in the Dominican Republic where  amber is extracted from local mines that offer an extraordinarily high quality material, color, transparency and purity.


Our jewels do not pretend to improve what nature has created, but to emphasize its intrinsic beauty.

      Don't leave Quisqueya-the Taíno name for the Dominican Republic-without purchasing some jewelry adorned with two of the country's native stones: larimar and amber.


    Our effort is you can feel an happy and satisfied customer, so if you are going to visit this charming country, please, contact us and we will show you our jewelry collection.

   Anyway we supply for export to any part of the world directly through our website.


Write us at  blueamberstar@gmail.com   and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible. 


Dominican Amber Jewellery


 Our designers make timeless models,

 turning the jewelry into true works of art.  

Good taste, simplicity and elegance.